Event opportunity for business development

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Events for entertainment or economic development?

Event planning is an important phase of the communication strategy since it aims to mobilize its actions in a productive objective integrating a global strategy.

An event has a purpose, whether in the short or long term. It must mark by its success, its function, and its relevance. An event has a clearly defined function, the essential link in the chain of success, in response (or anticipation) to a problem that thwarts the economic development of companies and associative organizations.

In order to boost sales, multiply new contracts, increase memberships or make oneself known to all players in the industry, the solution is to communicate and create a relationship with the targeted forces. The event becomes a relevant economic development tool.

Conviviality and Strategy

Encourage the world to meet the other: because of these daily encounters, a better world is born. We are enriched by the difference from the other. The conviviality must be understood as a "call to action" inviting each of the actors of these meetings to generate a commitment.

This "convivial experience", a moment of sharing, simple, true, direct and authentic, is the result of the realization of a strategic plan of coordinated actions to impact the gains and growth of our customers.

Our dedication.

Our signature fits perfectly into the world of a new generation of target ("Millenials") who has never had so many opportunities to meet the other due to digital tools.

It also involves rethinking how we operate by taking these experiences of conviviality as an entry point into putting an event into action. Our signature.

Performance and Awareness by the event

Communication through the event is thus a strategic variable in its own, beyond the mere marketing interests of the organization. It may be motivated by a need for performance and/or awareness, a need for quantitative and/or qualitative valuation of the company's results.

It can, therefore, be known whose stakes lead to an increase in prestige, an increase of sympathy-trust capital, a strengthening of internal cohesion, an investment for recruitment. It is also Performance when the stakes are measured by the need to grow economic and commercial indicators by capturing new customers and members, by conquering new markets.

Performance and Awareness remain naturally linked. One being the resultant of the other, and vice versa. The increase in awareness must be quantified by economic growth; an economical performance also resulting in a gain in notoriety.


The solution through the event is a real opportunity to anticipate or to respond to an business development issue, a powerful tool to effectively attract customers, employees, partners, suppliers and service providers.

Advice - Creation - Customization

Expertise & Engagement

Actors of the event since 2003, we work exclusively for the prosperity of our customers and partners by accompanying them in their economic development ambitions by putting into action events of performance and awareness.












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We mainly assist associations, the liberal professions, and companies both in their growth ambitions and in response to a development challenge.


Depending on the need, we can ADVISE - CREATE - PERSONALIZE the production of your private, public and/or associative event in its entirety, or by intervening in a targeted phase.

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ADVICE - "Accompaniment" Solutions

Evaluation and recommendation of solutions for your actions by the event

Diagnostic   ​

Evaluation of the need for an event

Proposition of value 

Communication policy and strategy

Development of event solutions 

Accompaniment in actions setup

Strategic advice


CREATION - "All-inclusive" solutions

Global management of the production of your actions by the event

Counseling phase


Target identification


Development of creative concepts


Design of the event matrix


Communication dynamics


Production and production monitoring


Post-production management


Summary of Performance & Awareness Indicators


CUSTOMIZATION - "A la carte" solutions

A specific intervention in a targeted phase of your event

Counseling phase 

Evaluation of the event intervention

Development of the creative concept

Provider coordination

Production of the service

Summary of Performance & Awareness Indicators

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